The Game of Love & a Giveaway

Genius, freekin' genius.
That's what I thought when I found out my friend Monica was turning her
most popular blog post into a full blown, legit product.
It all started with this blog post - here
It's a bedroom board game on a fitted sheet...filled with activities, gifts and prizes for your loved one.
All customization by YOU!
Monica's taken care of everything you need to pull off the best night ever!

Love it - Right?
Need it - Right?
Get it - Here

So what are you waiting for?

I'll also be giving away a game of Love original kit to one luck y couple.
So enter here and cross your finders...


How to build a Beer Garden

Why? Why not?
Beer gardens have been popping up all over the place lately.
There are about a dozen in Philly.

But, most of the beer gardens open in Spring and Summer.
I just can't wait that long.

So I thought, why not create my own beer garden in my back yard?
All it takes is a little time, creativity, and access to a few resources and you've got the perfect atmosphere to entertain friends and family, all year long. Even in the Fall and Winter.
(well, maybe not in the sub-zero temperatures we've had this winter)
Soon enough the temps will rise and you'll be happy you planned ahead
and got your very own beer garden ready!

Hopefully I can make planning and creating your own beer garden simple.
Follow these 5 easy steps and you'll be doing to polka in your back yard with a beer mug in your hand in no time.

  • Find a level spot in your yard. Traditionally beer gardens were paved with gravel. But, work with what you've got, stone, brick, even the back part of you driveway could work. Or a spot on your lawn can create a great atmosphere and starting point for your beer garden.


Choosing tables and seating for your garden.
The whole idea is to create a social atmosphere. So think of ideas that will encourage your guest to interact with each other.
  • Choose pieces that can weather outdoor conditions. Steel, iron, or any kind of metal will work well.
  • Add lot's of areas around your spot for friends to mingle. Think about traditional tables and high top tables.
  • If you want a more rustic look, weathered wood finishes are perfect. (like a picnic table or wood cable spools)
  • Add as many chairs as you can fit! Plan for more than you think you'll need. After all, gathering with friends over a few beers is what the beer garden is all about.
  • If you don't have lot's of seating, create your own. Add tree stumps for stools, lay boards cross the for benches.

Circular tables are perfect if you can find them. You don't have to break the budget, just start thinking outside the box. Check craigslist for picnic tables, or better yet, wood cable spools. I found some at an electrical supply distributor. They have tons, and they are happy to get rid of them.
Free stuff from craigslist is perfect. If it doesn't weather well after a year or so, toss it. No loss.

  • Lighting - One of the best ways to create a friendly atmosphere is lighting. The often forgot about element in many designs. Add string lights, candles, lanterns, even flashlights. The more the better. So dig out your Christmas lights, or for you procrastinators, don't take them down yet.
  • Fire - gather up your logs and get the fire pit going. Even just the sound of the crackling fire will add to the atmosphere of your beer garden
  • Music - get some outdoor speakers, turn up your spotify, dance.

  • The #1 item you'll need for your Get create with the way you store it. If it's still chilly out, you can use buckets, tub, wagons, even your wheel barrel.

  • The food doesn't have to be super complicated or over thought.
  • We chose pretzels. Cause who doesn't like a good Philly pretzels with there Philly Beer.

I added small s'more stations for the sweet tooths...

Thanks to Yards for supplying me with the beer today for our beer garden!

If you looking for some of the items you saw on
GoodDay Philadelphia this morning, you'll
find them at IKEA.
These containers are the perfect for bringing some color into your pre-spring back yard.
I used them to hold tall candles and skewers for marshmallows.
SOCKER Vase, set of 2 IKEA Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.</t><t>Can be stacked inside one another to save room when storing.
IKEA is the perfect place to find every candle imaginable!
I used votives, pillars and floating candles in my back yard.
SINNLIG Scented candle in metal cup IKEA
These lanterns are my fav, fav, favs!
I can't get enough.
So glad I have 6!

MÖRKT Lantern for candle in metal cup IKEA Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

JUBLA Unscented candle IKEA
I added these floating candles to an old bunt pan and set in in the center of the bar table.
FENOMEN Unscented floating candle IKEA Float when placed in water.</t><t>Unscented.
It's still a little chilly around here.
But that won't keep me inside.
I found great neutral and cozy blankets to throw on the chairs and
give to my guests to keep warm while still enjoying the beer garden.
IKEA STOCKHOLM Throw IKEA Mohair wool with a silky luster.

I hope you'll get outside this weekend and create a little beer garden of your own!


How to Build an Oatmeal Bar

Calling it a "bar" and letting the kids build their own meal makes it more appealing.

Obviously it's not complicated at all.
Add a few jars on a cute tray (mine is an old cabinet door I added handles to), fill with toppings.
And ta-da.
::Oatmeal bar::

It's the little details that make it so darn charming.
Add a tea cup for a scoop.
Or use a hand-painted measuring cup.

Throw in some vintage accessories...

I found these 1939 World's Fair spoons at the
100 mile long yard sale a few summers ago.

Add a Wintry throw for some color and coziness, instead of a table cloth or runner.

Thanks to IKEA for providing me with all the essential items I need to build the oatmeal bar!

KORKEN Jar with lid IKEA The jar has an airtight seal, which makes it perfect for preserving your favorite homemade jams and jellies.


Nail Art

okay, so it really started out as a string art project.
But, after spending hours nailing these damn nails into this board
I was adjusting this project.

This was a significant chunk of my life that I was never going to get back.

Of course I took it to Instagram to get your opinions first.
And NAIL ART it was!
Strings be dammed!

It turned out better than I even imagined.

It now hangs proudly in Lucy's room.
And one of these years I'll take a picture of that room and show you.

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