The Making of a She Shed

Recently, I took my cute little white barn garage and turned in to a hideaway for moms.
Because it was there.

...and your gonna want one too.

to hilarity begins with this video

There's so much creativity going on in here I love it!
Now, to call all my girlfriends and have them over for a girl night outSIDE!

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How to create the Industrial Country look

If you're trying to get the industrial country look, but not sure where to start, start here- pipes and metal accents.
Mixing wood and metal instantly adds the rustic modern look.

I recently turn my cute little white barn garage into a "mom cave".
What's a mom cave with out a drink station?
It's not a mom cave is what I say.
So, by adding some plumbing pipes and a scrap piece of barn wood, we get instant bar and industrial country all in one...

Here's what you'll need to get started adding industrial country style to your mom cave...or just your home.
Flanges and pipes...found here-

and cap the ends with these ...

I've used plumbing pipes for lots of things, including curtain rods...

Just adding a little metal with other textures will give you the industrial look.

have your kids scrap the labels off ...unlike I did.
Darn kids. They're fired.
(which they'll be thrilled about)

If you're looking for more industrial country inspiration, look here -
I've rounded up all my favs on my Industrial Country Pinterest board.

Love it all!


How to Painted Scallop Details

Gahh! I LOVE this piece.

It's. Just. So. Perfect.

I got so many questions when I posted this project on

I had no idea that I was using such a secret method...
I thought everybody knew this trick.'s scalloped painters tape.
And it's pretty much dummy proof.
If you don't have a good eye use a level when taping.

I also use a putty knife after I apply the tape. I gentle run the putty knife over the tape to make sure ever bit is sticking to the furniture.

(this is a putty knife in ase you're really behind in the DIY department)

So, what will you scallop?


How to Upcycle Old Drawers

Every now and then you are the proud owner of a crappy dresser that you think you can repair...but let's be never will.

Here's where I come in.
There are decent parts on that dresser that can still be salvaged.
Namely, the drawers.
Just look how cute this is...

I started with some oak drawers that had great handles. Sometimes you thing the handles aren't so great, but then you slap a coat of paint on them and they are perfect!

Slap a coat of paint on the whole thing while your at it.
I skipped the inside bottom 'cause I've got other plans for that.

Lay your drawer down on some printed paper.
I used pale blue faux wood grain wrapping paper.

You'll need one of these...

Cut around the edges of the paper so it's sort of the size of your drawer.
Pour a glob of modge podge on the bottom of the drawer.

Spread it all around...

Place the paper over the modge podge and smooth it with a putty thing.

Trim the edges with the razor.




Meet Denise

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