{ Flea market Style Porch }

Besides creating unique rooms for my clients, I'm always tweaking my own home.
Now that Spring weather is finally here, I added a little comfort and fun to our porch (another favorite room of mine).
I tried to refresh this room using as little money as possible, finding things at flea markets or on the side of the road. Some items I've tweaked, some I've left in their wonderful distress condition.
So, step inside and sit down and have a drink with me.
I hope you feel cozy & welcome.


  1. Hi, I just saw your home on Kelly's blog. Your home and porch are just fantastic! you really pull it all together and it looks great! I want to work on my screen porch but it keeps getting blown to smithereens and flooded. I hung blinds and they've been destroyed, and all my plants keep getting blown over and fabrics wet and mildewed! I love the look you've created, but I've got to figure out how to weather-proof my porch before I go any further! Have fun at the fair! Love, Linda

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Denise Sabia, interior decorator and author of “The Painted Home” blog, takes everyday items found in flea markets, thrift shops or simply along the roadside and turns them into unique pieces that freshen and warm your home … without breaking your budget. Denise began dabbling in design over 20 years ago and studied at Philadelphia University. Her client base continued to grow as did her portfolio of work, branching out to decorating entire homes. Denise lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. with her husband, 3 kids, a dog, rabbit, 3 chickens, a gecko, and the oldest living hermit crab known to man.

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