{ In love with a new milk paint color! }

I've been painting and selling more and more furniture lately. Every week I paint a new collection. And, each week I fall in love with a new paint color.
Last week, Eulalies Sky was my super star. I can't get enough of this color.

(image curiosity of MMS Milk Paint)

It's a charming blueish green.

To finish off the week, I made the find of all finds.
This robins egg blue leather chair.

but, if you follow me on instgram, you already know this.


  1. Love anything bluish me it is such a fresh color. But Denise you are killing me with that robin's egg blue leather chair!!! OMGosh it is fabulous!!! Can't wait to see where you put it.
    Happy St. Patty's day to you!!
    XO Barbara

  2. Love the colors. I think I will have to try the Eulalies Sky. And that chair is perfect. How did I miss that on IG?

  3. Loving this color, especially since it is one of my all-time favorites AND it is also (amazingly) my middle name! I wrote a blog post about this recently because I wanted the world to meet my great aunt Eulalie, who was fierce and sexy and simply amazing, even into her 80's! A great inspiration and a gorgeous color!

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