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{ Fall Decorating }

Frizzy hair season has gone, and Fall is movin' in.
It's time to change out the clothes and the decor.
Don't sweat it though. I've got some simple, easy and often free ideas for how you can bring Fall into your home.

Last year I painted this fabulous Fall sign curiosity of Ella Claire.
And, the sweater pumpkins were a cinch to make.

I also made some original pumpkins with music sheet paper and guest napkins.
I reused the old black metal shutters that used to hang on our house as a back drop for the vintage paper wreath. (remember it's Fall, so layer people layer!)

The black bat mantel was a huge hit and a great craft to do with your kids.
It's simply made from black card stock cut into different sized bat shapes, then creased in the center. I use double side tape to attach them to the wall.

Although this window box filled with pine cones looked great and was free, skip the candles. This little project went up in flames one night while hosting a party.

Our first Fall in this home I filled the fireplace with pumpkins painted with flames and candles.

So there you have it. A bunch of ideas for you to bring Fall into your home without stress.

For more ideas check out my pinterest Fall page. I have a Fall DIY page and a Fall Style page.
And, if you love to camp in the Fall, I even have a Camping Style page.


{Customized Straw DIY!}

Quick and easy straw DIY!

Pick up some cool, colorful tape from your local craft store...

Peel off enough to wrap around your straw (with room to spare)...

Wrap the tape around your straws...

Cut a cute shape into the ends of the tape...

And you're ready to go!

No more getting confused as to which drink is whose!


{ Simple Farmhouse Style Accessories }

You know me, I love my farmhouse dining room & hydrangeas.

Recently, I got to put the 2 together.
First I started with my vintage minnow bucket. Then I took it a step further and plopped that into a melon crate.

The minnow bucket needed a little lift, so I added these. Yes, VCR tapes. Good for something, right?

Gorgie, gorge, gorge if i may say so myself.


{ DIY Crafty Girl Cap }

You are crafty. You know it. You just never let that crafty girl out.
Well, it's time to letr' out! Maybe you can't DIY an entire room makeover yourself. But you can get crafty.
You're going to start with this project...
The crafty girl hat.
Then, you can wear it for all your other crafty projects.

I started out with a pile of fabric scraps, buttons, flower rosettes, & a hot glue gun.
Go gather all your favorite bits and bobs.

I also purchased this vintage-ish girl cap. I loved the frayer brim.

I try to collect little fabric items I like whenever I see them. This crocheted piece was from the thrift store.

Flower rosettes I made awhile ago and haven't used yet.

The key to the whole cuteness of the cap is the layering.
I started by cutting out one of the crocheted circles.

and a few scrapes of ticking. you can't go wrong with ticking.

All you need to attach these pieces is hot glue. You could use fabric glue, but I'm too impatient to wait for fabric glue to dry.

Once I got a good layered base, I fiddled around with the finishing touches. Trying out different looks before I committed to the hot glue.

I decided on the white button as a final topper.

Finally, you want to make sure you have the correct placement on your cap.
I like mind off to the side.
I use the spot wear the brim meats the body as a guide and glue the scrap flower above that.

Holla' you are finished! And you are CRAFTY!


{ DIY lamp }

I frequently go to an auction near my house.
When I saw this baby up for grabs, I grabbed it. 

I'm not sure what it was originally used as. But it looked like the perfect lamp base to me.

Lucky for me, this part was already welded on for me. Along with the whole.

But the hole needed to be a little bit larger to fit the lamp part into it.

You can buy a lamp kit at any hardware store. ( I have no photo of a lamp kit for you because I have no patience, and I never took the time to take a photo.)
Thread the wire from your kit up through the base.

Add this little do-hickey before you thread the wire through the metal thingy.

The end of your wire will stick out the bottom of the lamp base - like this...

Find an old lamp shade at your local thrift store, and shred it to pieces. Follow the instructions on the lamp kit and attach the shade to the harp.
(Sorry, no pictures of the lamp kit. But, it's really so simple you don't need them)

Add a little something extra to your shade and you'll have this...


About Denise

Denise Sabia, interior decorator and author of “The Painted Home” blog, takes everyday items found in flea markets, thrift shops or simply along the roadside and turns them into unique pieces that freshen and warm your home … without breaking your budget. Denise began dabbling in design over 20 years ago and studied at Philadelphia University. Her client base continued to grow as did her portfolio of work, branching out to decorating entire homes. Denise lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. with her husband, 3 kids, a dog, rabbit, 3 chickens, a gecko, and the oldest living hermit crab known to man.

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